Suicide Prevention (Christian)

Suicide Prevention (Christian)

Suicide is an extremely difficult issue, with painful consequences for the communities and families involved.

Suicide Prevention provides tips and strategies for adults working with children and teens, including:

✔️ Potential prevention methods

✔️ How to recognize suicidal tendencies

✔️ Managing emergency situations

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  • I found these courses to be helpful and informative not only in my service to my church, but also in my day to day life.
    Maureen L.
  • I had taken a suicide prevention class earlier in the year; but your class offered additional ideas and a different perspective. I enjoyed this class and will take away many concrete ideas offered here. Thank you!
    Shannon S.
  • This class was fantastic and the program was so easy to use. I will be spreading the news about this great resource!
    Kristin W.
  • This course was economical, easy to use, and exactly what I needed.
    Leisha B.
  • This course was even better than the last course. Informative and inspiring. Thanks!
    Matthew C.
  • Very well thought out and easy to understand and follow.
    Kristine K.
  • I am glad I ran across this resource. Wonderful content, easy to use, informative, and evidence based. I learned a lot in 5 hours. I will take more courses!
    Lolene B.
  • Very informative and thorough course!
    Katherine N.
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