Technology Safety

Technology Safety

Technology is an indispensable part of life today, with its hold on education, work, communication and entertainment. But the world of technology can often be tricky, especially for young people, as they navigate through it for most of their waking hours. The dangers of technology are multifaceted, and as such increase the number of risks for today’s youth.

As adults, it is our responsibility to make the cyberspace a safe, nurturing environment for our young people. The Technology Safety course is extremely useful for understanding the potential risks and harms, as well as the umpteen opportunities that the internet provides. This online course helps trains adults to help children navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

Through a firm grounding in learning to identify red flags, online abuse, digital footprints, cyberbullying and online accountability, the Technology Safety course is a guide for teachers, educators and other adults who are looking to make the online world a safer space for young people.

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  • A relevant course in today's world. Well written and informative. Thank you!
    Montana L.
  • Very interesting and valuable information!
    Geraldine P.
  • An excellent course!
    Sue F.
  • Thanks for creating this course! So important since we live in a technology world and we need to educate children and parents about how its helpful and hurtful. Thanks!
    Danielle V.
  • Terrific safety information not only to use as a teacher, but very much as a parent, too!
    Katherine N.
  • All of the information was relevant, up-to-date, and very interesting. Some helpful reminders as well. Thank you!
    Rebecka R.
  • This course was especially helpful in getting the names and functions right for all the infectious stuff that's out there. Also great suggestions for talking to parents about appropriate discussions with kids about the internet and applying parental controls.
    Fleta C.
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