How is your organization combating human trafficking?

This trafficking prevention training course is a must-have for all employees and volunteers:

✔️ What is human trafficking?

✔️ How do you recognize and report human trafficking?

✔️ Research-based trafficking prevention strategies

  • 60 Minutes
  • Start ANY Time
  • All ONLINE 24x7
  • 1 Year Access
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Even though much of the information I knew, I am moving to a new school and it was a good reminder! It was hard to read the information, but good. Thank you for taking on a tough but important subject!
    Andrea B.
  • Excellent presentation of very difficult, painful, and emotional information. Very useful information.
    Rodger C.
  • Well organized, informative, and rich with information and statistics.
    Melissa R.
  • This course is very rich in information. This has really helped me better understand mistreatment of our children.
    Deborah K.
  • Great information!
    Denise L.
  • Technology was very easy to use. Loved the useful content.
    Andrea G.
  • This is good information for all to be aware of.
    Patricia T.
  • Thank you for the rich content! I not only appreciate this information as an educator, but as a soon-to-be-parent.
    Kristen F.
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Certificate of Completion
60 Minutes


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